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Bonne continuation parmi nous ! Zephyrus 10 juin 2008 à 16:41 (UTC)

Modèle:Auteur3 ?Modifier

For author pages, like your it:Autore:Victor_Hugo, we have for some years a template like example.
Whe are remaking it like in the demo Auteur:Nelson_Mandela, but in an international LUA version. In french it is in final debuging steps.
When it will be in use here, the next step is to translate it (now in english and spanish), then to finalize some messages not already translated.
The conception and explainations are in Module:ControlArgs.
Are-you interested to try this ? The ask is for you (it.wikisource), but also to test and finalize the internationalisation, after you can use or not the Modèle:Auteur3. --Rical (d) 5 juillet 2014 à 11:02 (UTC)
Our it:Template:Autore has been recently rewiritten in Lua by it:User:RicordiSamoa, I'll tell him. I'm much more busy into scripts & tricks that could help text proofreading. Thanks for notification! --Alex brollo (d) 5 juillet 2014 à 14:08 (UTC)
Thanks for your help. I just answered on italian WS that I search some wiki without author template.
I mistake because your template do not look like an infobox. --Rical (d) 8 juillet 2014 à 14:15 (UTC)



For information we use the typographic apostrophe ’ and not the dactylographic one '. So, I rename Principes de dressage et d'équitation in Principes de dressage et d’équitation and corrected the pages already done of this book.

Cdlt, VIGNERON * discut. 16 juillet 2014 à 14:43 (UTC)

Thanks! It.source uses the opposite convention for titles. I'll take a look to book index page to see if apostrophes are the right ones - I was trying header=1 and ns0 titles pop out by themselves. Really I'm enthusiast about, but a little bit confused. --Alex brollo (d) 16 juillet 2014 à 19:25 (UTC)

testing EditInView :)Modifier

Hello Alex,

I've imported your tools, and it seems to work :)

One very nice thing, the floating magnifiers that allow to zoom on the image, much better than the browser controls... in fact, on the Scriptorium, someone is looking precisely for that function, so I adressed him to you.

I could not find in your code which part was about the magnifyer, so I let you explain to Teofilo :)

Thanx --Hélène (d) 3 octobre 2014 à 18:25 (UTC)

I'm just begining to test, but I already have a few questions, as my Italian is very poor... :D
  • "Autocompilazione e salvataggio pagine SAL 0%" : what does that mean... we don't have the same codes in fr and it...
  • the little "x" button just before the status icons : I thought it would close the box without saving, but... niente
  • there should be a possibility to save edition, without modifying the status of the page... but I did not find the right button.
  • to me, who is accustomed to the fr symbols,   should fix the status to 3 (not proofread) and   (4 squares) to status 4 (proofread) - the "validated" status icon is a star, here   - is there a difference from it ? or is there a missing icon ?
I'll try and add while I continue testing :) --Hélène (d) 3 octobre 2014 à 18:54 (UTC)
  Hsarrazin : Thanks Hélène, you are testing just a WIP tool - it needs a lot of work to run better. You are too trying it with no documentation: it's incredible that you are getting some result, it's really a complex tool since it's so different.
But… here some reply toyour questions:
1. yes, the "close" button seems brocken. I'll fix.
2. the tool was devoided to review with minimal changes of text, working on quality level 3 pages. Then things changed, I'll add some more buttons.
I understood that, that's why it seems strange to have a   button to fix quality to level 4 (proofread) :)
3. didn't you see a "Run typo fix" link at the bottom of Tools list into idebar, in view mode? Did you try it? This doesn't change quality level - nor needs to open anything of EditInPage tool. Simply click it and (crossing fingers) wait some seconds while the fixed page is reloaded.
No, I had not seen it - I'm not used to work with sidebar tools while editing ;) - I tested it : and it broke a correct page [1] - hope this will help you :)
I'm going to translate sentencies and to add a little bit of doc to files. Please goon with your feedbacks; and please, incourage any one interested to use both ideas and scripts if useful. --Alex brollo (d) 3 octobre 2014 à 19:26 (UTC)
I work a lot on program debugging professionally from a user pov (not a ß-tester but not very far from it), so I get used to try a lot of things and see what happens ;) --Hélène (d) 3 octobre 2014 à 19:50 (UTC)

Advancements into EditInViewModifier

  Hsarrazin :: I edited furiously pages from Index:Principes de dressage et d'équitation.djvu in EditInView environment, while debugging and adding tools. Please copy again User:Alex brollo/PersonalButtonx.js into User:Hsarrazin/PersonalButtonx.js, since there are some new tools: b for bold, Tiret for Tiret ;-), nowiki for <nowiki./>. You'll find new save buttons for quality levels 1 and 2; most of titles of buttons (what is shown at mouse over) have been translated into something similar to English. Sidebar "Run typo fix" seems fixed; please can you suggest a decent French link text?

I'd like to incourage you to test accents & diacritics buttons. They are mostly useful dealing with exotic languages (Slavic, Finnish) and ancient texts (medieval), often wasted by OCR. All the buttons have a similar behavior: simply they replace the character immediately preceding the cursor (no need to select it!) with unicode character with the chosen diacritic/accent, even if the character has a wrong diacritic/accent. This means that if you out the cursor just after a e, è, é, or many possible variants of e, and click ˘ button, you'll get ĕ; with just one click. --Alex brollo (d) 4 octobre 2014 à 14:17 (UTC)

Now that the script runs, I'm reviewing it by scratch. In some days I hope to replace the old with the new one; in the meantime, I'll study "Mise en page" that is very interesting, and I've to explore too "Extract text" robot. --Alex brollo (d) 6 octobre 2014 à 19:24 (UTC)

Updated scriptsModifier

Hi Alex brollo. You had an old version of regex menu framework in User:Alex brollo/Scripts/Regex menu framework.js. The newest version of that script is TemplateScript, so I updated your page to fetch that. The main difference you'll see is an improved regex editor, better compatibility, and cleaner custom scripts. Your page doesn't seem to be used anywhere, but let me know if anything breaks. :) —Pathoschild 01:01:36, 10 août 2015 (UTC)

  Pathoschild : Thanks! Really we use in part Regex menu framework.js into it.source, it has been extremely useful to start a long, fashinating and complex trip into js tools. We use only that part of the code, that creates links for scripts into the sidebar - so I'm notifying your kind suggestion to   Candalua : to evalue it as it deserves. --Alex brollo (d) 12 août 2015 à 09:57 (UTC)

New page added by an IPModifier

Hello Alex, is this page to be kept? It has been added by an IP, was it with your permission? Thanks and regards :-) --Zyephyrus (d) 20 mars 2016 à 09:34 (UTC)

  Zyephyrus : Thanks for care, I apologyze, I created the page when unlogged. It's a "customization page" for scripts into User:Alex brollo/common.js. As you imagine, I'm running tests. --Alex brollo (d) 20 mars 2016 à 14:01 (UTC)

Monument de MadridModifier

Bonjour Alex brollo, pour tester un nouveau module Lua, je cherche quel est le monument emblématique de Madrid comme la Tour Eiffel est emblématique de Paris. Merci d'avance. --Rical (d) 3 octobre 2018 à 05:32 (UTC)

  Rical : Sorry I can't help you… I'm Italian, and I don't know Madrid at all… Did you send such a request to a random user? Or is my user name similar to another one? --Alex brollo (d) 4 octobre 2018 à 21:36 (UTC)
  Alex brollo : Thanks for your answer. No matter, I will ask to another user but later because I am too busy.--Rical (d) 10 février 2019 à 09:07 (UTC)