Hallo, I'm an Italian, I can't write French but I understant it - more or less. I use the same nick into variuos wiki projects.

I'm interested about different implementations and philosophies of national wikisources, and about your copyright politics.

A question for you: in your opinion/in your practice, you are uploading/using page images from Gallica without copyright troubles? There are some ancient, very interesting horsemanship books there (in French and in Italian); much more into the digital biblioteque of ENVL. --Alex brollo 10 juin 2008 à 15:15 (UTC)

There is no real problem about images uploaded from Gallica. It is more a theoritical issue with some overcautious people on Commons. Thanks for the link to ENVL. Yann 10 juin 2008 à 16:50 (UTC)

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