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Hello Alex, is [[Utilisateur:Alex brollo/PersonalButtons|this page]] to be kept? It has been added by an IP, was it with your permission? Thanks and regards :-) --[[Utilisateur:Zyephyrus|Zyephyrus]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Zyephyrus|d]]) 20 mars 2016 à 09:34 (UTC)
: {{ping|Zyephyrus}} Thanks for care, I apologyze, I created the page when unlogged. It's a "customization page" for scripts into [[User:Alex brollo/common.js]]. As you imagine, I'm running tests. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 20 mars 2016 à 14:01 (UTC)
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