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Thanx --[[Utilisateur:Hsarrazin|Hélène]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Hsarrazin|d]]) 3 octobre 2014 à 18:25 (UTC)
:I'm just begining to test, but I already have a few questions, as my Italian is very poor... :D
* "Autocompilazione e salvataggio pagine SAL 0%" : what does that mean... we don't have the same codes in fr and it...
* the little "x" button just before the status icons : I thought it would close the box without saving, but... ''niente''
* there should be a possibility to save edition, without modifying the status of the page... but I did not find the right button.
* to me, who is accustomed to the ''fr'' symbols, {{3/4}} should fix the status to 3 (not proofread) and {{4/4}} (4 squares) to status 4 (proofread) - the "validated" status icon is a star, here {{Validé}} - is there a difference from ''it'' ? or is there a missing icon ?
:I'll try and add while I continue testing :) --[[Utilisateur:Hsarrazin|Hélène]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Hsarrazin|d]]) 3 octobre 2014 à 18:54 (UTC)