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I'd like to incourage you to test accents & diacritics buttons. They are mostly useful dealing with exotic languages (Slavic, Finnish) and ancient texts (medieval), often wasted by OCR. All the buttons have a similar behavior: simply they replace the character immediately preceding the cursor (no need to select it!) with unicode character with the chosen diacritic/accent, even if the character has a wrong diacritic/accent. This means that if you out the cursor just after a ''e, è, é'', or many possible variants of ''e'', and click ˘ button, you'll get ''ĕ''; with just ''one'' click. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 4 octobre 2014 à 14:17 (UTC)
: Now that the script runs, I'm reviewing it by scratch. In some days I hope to replace the old with the new one; in the meantime, I'll study "Mise en page" that is very interesting, and I've to explore too "Extract text" robot. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 6 octobre 2014 à 19:24 (UTC)
== Updated scripts ==
Hi Alex brollo. You had an old version of [[m:User:Pathoschild/Scripts/Regex menu framework|regex menu framework]] in [[User:Alex brollo/Scripts/Regex menu framework.js]]. The newest version of that script is [[m:TemplateScript|TemplateScript]], so I updated your page to fetch that. The main difference you'll see is an improved regex editor, better compatibility, and cleaner custom scripts. Your page doesn't seem to be used anywhere, but let me know if anything breaks. :) —<small>[[m:User:Pathoschild|Pathoschild]] 01:01:36, 10 août 2015 (UTC)</small>