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Ankry (discussioncontributions)

Hi. I am looking for the French title of the 1845 book series:

  1. Nanon de Lartigues
  2. Madame de Condé
  3. La vicomtesse de Cambes
  4. L'abbaye de Peyssac

which seem to be issued in Polish as a single book "Wojna kobieca" (La guerre des femmes(?)) but I can find this neither in frwikisource nor in frwiki. Is this missing there for some reason? Ankry (d) 26 décembre 2018 à 15:20 (UTC)

  • PS1. I was looking for the interface trasferring data to Wikidata, but even after copying your common.js into mine, I could not locate it. How do you activate it? Where to look for active controls on the screen?
  • PS2. I think, we have finally got (in a working version of interwiki based on the "work/edition" model. It is a modified version, but also based on a module invoked from the header template + some js. You can see how it does work eg here, here or here (note that it finds more Bible interwiki entries than the sv version)
Ankry (discussioncontributions)

My bad: there is "La guerre des femmes" in frwiki. No question. Ankry (d) 26 décembre 2018 à 16:42 (UTC)