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:{{ping|Hektor|Wuyouyuan|Cantons-de-l'Est}}Merci pour vos réponses.Je vais essayer de synthétiser ces premières info prochainement. [[Utilisateur:Hector|Hector]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Hector|d]]) 30 octobre 2017 à 20:57 (UTC)~
[[File:Źródłosłów 2017 - Bartoszewicz słownik prawdy Książka.jpg|left|200px]][[File:Źródłosłów 2017 - Bartoszewicz słownik prawdy ebook plwikisource 02.jpg|right|230px]]
:{{ping|Hektor|Cantons-de-l'Est|Wuyouyuan}} yes, I tried :) I have prepared a printed version of the [[:pl:Słownik prawdy i zdrowego rozsądku/całość|book]] for the meeting of polishPolish wikisourceWikisource editors. The assumption was that the process of preparing the pdf file for printing (according to the requirements of the digital printing office -> alignement, bleeds(!), margin, folio, fonts, ...) was carried out automatically using the same software already used in Export tool of Wikisource books Wsexport. So the pdf file was generated using an epub file generated in wsexport and converted using Calibre. The result you can see on the pictures. My goal is to implement the ability to generate a "ready-to-print file for digital printing office" as one of the wsexport options. Some photos I posted on [[commons:Category:Źródłosłów_2017|commons]] Regards, [[Utilisateur:Zdzislaw|Zdzislaw]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Zdzislaw|d]]) 3 novembre 2017 à 19:57 (UTC)
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