œuvre littéraire Modifier
Date de fondation ou de création1819 Modifier
TitreIvanhoe Modifier
Sous-titreA Romance Modifier
Œuvre dérivéeIvanhoe, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoé, The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe, Ivanhoé, Ivanhoé, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe, Young Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe, The Hebrew Maiden; or, the lost diamond Modifier
SérieWaverley Novels Modifier
Précédé parUne légende de Montrose Modifier
Forme de l'œuvreroman Modifier
Genre artistiquefiction historique Modifier
ÉditionQ114439711, Q114439664, Q114439722 Modifier
Auteur ou autriceWalter Scott Modifier
Publié parConstable & Robinson Modifier
Pays d'origineRoyaume-Uni Modifier
Langue de l'œuvre, du nom ou du termeanglais Modifier
Date de publication1820 Modifier
PersonnagesWilfred of Ivanhoe, Front de Boeuf, Isaac of York, Rebecca the Jewess, Lady Rowena, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Cedric of Rotherwood, Lord Athelstane, Le Noir Faineant Modifier
IncipitIn that pleasant district of merry England which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and valleys which lie between Sheffield and the pleasant town of Doncaster. The remains of this extensive wood are still to be seen at the noble seats of Wentworth, of Warncliffe Park, and around Rotherham. Modifier
ExplicitWith the life of a generous, but rash and romantic monarch, perished all the projects which his ambition and his generosity had formed; to whom may be applied, with a slight alteration, the lines composed by Johnson for Charles of Sweden—His fate was destined to a foreign strand,/A petty fortress and an ‘humble’ hand;/He left the name at which the world grew pale,/To point a moral, or adorn a TALE. Modifier
Statut des droits d'auteurdomaine public, domaine public Modifier
Décrit parBritish Fiction, 1800–1829 Modifier
Épigraphe littéraireThus communed these; while to their lowly dome, The full-fed swine return’d with evening home; Compell’d, reluctant, to the several sties, With din obstreperous, and ungrateful cries., A Monk there was, a fayre for the maistrie, An outrider that loved venerie; A manly man, to be an Abbot able, Full many a daintie horse had he in stable: And whan he rode, men might his bridle hear Gingeling in a whistling wind as clear, And eke as loud, as doth the chapell bell, There as this lord was keeper of the cell., Then (sad relief!) from the bleak coast that hears The German Ocean roar, deep-blooming, strong, And yellow hair’d, the blue-eyed Saxon came., With sheep and shaggy goats the porkers bled, And the proud steer was on the marble spread; With fire prepared, they deal the morsels round, Wine rosy bright the brimming goblets crown’d. Disposed apart, Ulysses shares the treat; A trivet table and ignobler seat, The Prince assigns—, Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is?, To buy his favour I extend this friendship: If he will take it, so; if not, adieu; And, for my love, I pray you wrong me not., Knights, with a long retinue of their squires, In gaudy liveries march and quaint attires; One laced the helm, another held the lance, A third the shining buckler did advance. The courser paw’d the ground with restless feet, And snorting foam’d and champ’d the golden bit. The smiths and armourers on palfreys ride, Files in their hands, and hammers at their side; And nails for loosen’d spears, and thongs for shields provide. The yeomen guard the streets in seemly bands; And clowns come crowding on, with cudgels in their hands., At this the challenger with fierce defy His trumpet sounds; the challenged makes reply: With clangour rings the field, resounds the vaulted sky. Their visors closed, their lances in the rest, Or at the helmet pointed or the crest, They vanish from the barrier, speed the race, And spurring see decrease the middle space., ——In the midst was seen A lady of a more majestic mien, By stature and by beauty mark’d their sovereign Queen. And as in beauty she surpass’d the choir, So nobler than the rest was her attire; A crown of ruddy gold enclosed her brow, Plain without pomp, and rich without a show; A branch of Agnus Castus in her hand, She bore aloft her symbol of command., Thus, like the sad presaging raven, that tolls The sick man’s passport in her hollow beak, And in the shadow of the silent night Doth shake contagion from her sable wings; Vex’d and tormented, runs poor Barrabas, With fatal curses towards these Christians., 1st Outlaw: Stand, sir, and throw us that you have about you; If not, we’ll make you sit, and rifle you. <br>Speed: Sir, we are undone! these are the villains That all the travellers do fear so much.<br>Val: My friends,—<br>1st Out: That’s not so, sir, we are your enemies.<br>2d Out: Peace! we’ll hear him.<br>3d Out: Ay, by my beard, will we; For he’s a proper man., The heralds left their pricking up and down, Now ringen trumpets loud and clarion. There is no more to say, but east and west, In go the speares sadly in the rest, In goth the sharp spur into the side, There see men who can just and who can ride; There shiver shaftes upon shieldes thick, He feeleth through the heart-spone the prick; Up springen speares, twenty feet in height, Out go the swordes to the silver bright; The helms they to-hewn and to-shred; Out burst the blood with stern streames red. Modifier
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