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Bien à toi. --[[Utilisateur:Acer11|Acer11]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Acer11|d]]) 20 juillet 2018 à 09:33 (UTC)
== Match & split doesn't split as usual ==
I'm fighting with an abnormal behavior of M&S - it fails to split as usual texts that need to be merged into the same nsPage page. I'm fixing manually split mistakes, but it's frustrating.
Please see what happens into two pages that I didn't fix just to document what's happening: [[:it:Rime (Guittone d'Arezzo)/Amor, merzede, intende s'eo ragione]] and [[:it:Rime (Guittone d'Arezzo)/Spietata donna e fera, ora te prenda]]. This is the most common mistake; sometimes it happens the reverse mistake, t.i. the latter text only is moved from ns0 to nsPage. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 30 juillet 2018 à 21:16 (UTC)
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