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::I work a lot on program debugging professionally from a user pov (not a ß-tester but not very far from it), so I get used to try a lot of things and see what happens ;) --[[Utilisateur:Hsarrazin|Hélène]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Hsarrazin|d]]) 3 octobre 2014 à 19:50 (UTC)
=== Advancements into EditInPageEditInView ===
{{ping|Hsarrazin}}: I edited furiously pages from [[Index:Principes de dressage et d'équitation.djvu]] in EditInBoxEditInView environment, while debugging and adding tools. Please copy again [[User:Alex brollo/PersonalButtonx.js]] into [[User:Hsarrazin/PersonalButtonx.js]], since there are some new tools: b for ''bold'', Tiret for ''Tiret'' ;-), nowiki for ''<nowiki./>''. You'll find new save buttons for quality levels 1 and 2; most of titles of buttons (what is shown at mouse over) have been translated into something similar to English. Sidebar "Run typo fix" seems fixed; please can you suggest a decent French link text?
I'd like to incourage you to test accents & diacritics buttons. They are mostly useful dealing with exotic languages (Slavic, Finnish) and ancient texts (medieval), often wasted by OCR. All the buttons have a similar behavior: simply they replace the character immediately preceding the cursor (no need to select it!) with unicode character with the chosen diacritic/accent, even if the character has a wrong diacritic/accent. This means that if you out the cursor just after a ''e, è, é'', or many possible variants of ''e'', and click ˘ button, you'll get ''ĕ''; with just ''one'' click. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 4 octobre 2014 à 14:17 (UTC)
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