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(→‎Modèle:Auteur3 ? : to try internationalisation ?)
Bonne continuation parmi nous ! [[Utilisateur:Zyephyrus|Zephyrus]] 10 juin 2008 à 16:41 (UTC)
== [[Modèle:Auteur3]] ? ==
: For author pages, like your [[it:Autore:Victor_Hugo]], we have for some years a template like [[Auteur:Paul_Claudel|example]].
: Whe are remaking it like in the demo [[Auteur:Nelson_Mandela]], but in an international LUA version. In french it is in final debuging steps.
: When it will be in use here, the next step is to translate it (now in english and spanish), then to finalize some messages not already translated.
: The conception and explainations are in [[Module:ControlArgs]].
: Are-you interested to try this ? The ask is for you (it.wikisource), but also to test and finalize the internationalisation, after you can use or not the [[Modèle:Auteur3]]. --[[Utilisateur:Rical|Rical]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Rical|d]]) 5 juillet 2014 à 11:02 (UTC)