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en-tête pas nécessaire (cf discussion précédente)
(en-tête pas nécessaire (cf discussion précédente))
toise Ancienne mesure de longeur valant 6 pieds (environ 2 mètres).
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<IDENT tlun>
<ARCHIVE http://www.abu.org/>
<TITRE De la terre à la lune>
<GENRE prose>
<AUTEUR Verne, Jules>
<COPISTE John Walker (kelvin@fourmilab.ch)>
This Etext is an unabridged reproduction of the original 1865 Hetzel edition. I have corrected several minor typographical errors (spelling errors, missing accents, etc.), but otherwise the text is precisely as published; modern readers will discover a distinct 19th
century flavour in the vocabulary and grammar (get ready to remember everything you've forgotten about the _passé simple_, in particular). I've included a very brief glossary of technical terms and 19th century units of measure which don't appear in typical college level
French and French/other-language dictionaries.
If you discover any errors in this Etext, please report them to me by E-mail. If you're reporting a discrepancy between the Etext and a modern edition, please include a complete citation of your source. I have not been able to obtain an original or facsimile of the original Hetzel edition as yet; consequently, I've tried to synthesise an error-free text from several modern «texte intégral» editions. Upon close examination, all such editions contain minor errors and discrepancies which I've tried to correct in this Etext. These Etexts are part of the intellectual heritage we share as humans--please help to make them _perfectly embody_ the authors' legacies to the thousands of generations and billions of readers whose lives they will enrich.
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