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== Œuvres ==
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{{document|date= |titre=—|vo=The White Cottage of the Valley ; or, The Mysterious Husband | avancement=}}
{{document|date=1800|titre=—|vo=The tragical history of Crazy Jane, and Young Henry: giving an account of their birth, parentage, courtship, and melancholy end: founded on facts| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1807|titre=—|vo=Monkcliffe Abbey, or, The history of Albert, Elwina, and Adeline| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1804|titre=—|vo=The maid of Lochlin, or, Northern mysteries : a Scottish romance| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1810|titre=—|vo=Convent of Grey Penitents : or, the Apostate Nun. A romance| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1807|titre=—|vo=The Fugitive Countess; or, Convent of St. Ursula. A Romance| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1819 |titre=—|vo=New Tales| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1813 |titre=—|vo=The history of Crazy Jane| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1820 |titre=—|vo=The eventful history of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, the flower of English chivalry, and the Princess Mary of England; an original romance, founded on historical facts| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1804|titre=—|vo=The pathetic and interesting history of George Barnwell, the London 'prentice : founded on facts| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1804|titre=—|vo=A visit to a farm-house, or, An introduction to various subjects connected with rural economy| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1821 |titre=—|vo=Therese; or, The orphan of Geneva: an interesting romance| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1810 |titre=—|vo=A visit to London : containing a description of the principal curiosities in the British metropolis| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1811 |titre=—|vo=Priory of St. Clair : or, Spectre of the murdered nun, a gothic tale| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1822 |titre=—|vo=The pirate, or, The sisters of Burgh Westra : a tale of the islands of Shetland and Orkney ; epitomized from the celebrated novel of the same title written by the author of Waverly| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1822 |titre=—|vo=Ivy castle, or, The eve of St. Agnes : being an interesting history of the Wilmington family, including memoirs of Lord Colville and Agnes St. Eustace : founded on facts| avancement=}}
{{document|date=182- |titre=—|vo=The abbott| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1822 |titre=—|vo=Hodgson's universal valentine writer, for the current year : being a choice collection of original amatory epistles, addresses, answers, &c. &c. : adapted to the use of persons of either sex ; and suited to all ranks and conditions of lovers, and would-be lovers| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1803 |titre=—|vo=The subterraneous passage ; or, Gothic cell. : a romance.| avancement=}}
{{document|date=1800 |titre=—|vo=Albert of Werdendorff; or, The midnight embrace : A romance, from the German| avancement=}}
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