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On 31 August, 1736, Lt. Governor Armstrong signed a grant of 50,000 acres of land, « on the South side of the Bason of Mines, beginning and stretching from the mouth of Piziquet river along the shore North East to Cape Fendu six miles, and from thence running easterly along the shore thirteen miles, and from this extremity ranging backwards five miles, and from thence by a line running due West to the mouth of Piziquet river sixteen miles, being in the township of Harrington, on the county of Southampton, in the said province of Nova Scotia, » with all the mines, &c. Grantees : Governor Philipps, Lieut. Gov’r. Armstrong, Hon. Alex’er. Cosby, Lt. Gov’r. of Garrison of R. A., Paul Mascarene, John Adams, Wm. Skene, Wm. Shirreff, Henry Cope, Erasmus James Philipps, Otho Hamilton, and Edward How, esquires, members of council. King Gould, Allured Popple, Henry Popple, Andrew Robinson, and Henry Daniels, esquires. Messrs. John Handfield, Donald McQueen, Edward Amhurst, Archibald Rennie, Thomas Armstrong, James Gibson, Rowland Philipps, Charles Vane, Samuel Cottnam, John Hamilton, John Slater, John Dyson, George Mitchell, William Winniett, Nathaniel Donnell, Peter Blin, George Craddock, Robert Baden, and Samuel Donnell.

2-36 to Gov’r Philipps, and 1-36 to each of the other grantees. Same conditions and quit rent as the Norwich grant.

(This was also escheated on the 21 April, 1760, as stated in margin of Record Book.)